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we're Baily Labs.

A mission-driven AI/ML product studio based in Europe.

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Timing matters. Convert ideas into revenue faster.

We are technologists, systems designers, product designers, and business analysts.

We team up with Fortune 500's, startups, and research centres, to transform opportunities into outcomes.


Navigate uncertainty
with a proven methodology.

Our interdisciplinary approach helps to identify and mitigate risks across the product development lifecycle, while delivering frictionless, robust experiences to both end-users and our customers.

Systems thinking

We apply methods from the Space industry to map, model, simplify, and manage complexity.

Commercial acumen

We co-invest in the majority of our projects and align with commercial outcomes.


We leverage decision-making frameworks supported by ground-truthing and facts.


We seek to simplify complex processes and deliver intuitive user experiences for all users.


Power smarter business through insights and digital.

We've helped teams and organisations of all sizes to diversify and grow topline, improve customer experience, increase brand value, reduce costs, and streamline operations. All through harnessing data science and the flexibility of modern software as a service (SaaS).

Applied AI

We design intelligence into solutions from day one. These days, machine learning and other data science methods are being applied to every aspect of how people and processes create value for businesses - a paradigm shift in how digital products are designed.


Some of the most challenging products to design include data visualisation tools like dashboards. Our interdisciplinary team are experienced in designing for multi-user needs, and delivering solutions that can help drive a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Mobile web apps

We embrace and support modern methods and technologies, including cloud infrastructure and open source software development, to bring robust products to market faster. Our EU-based tech leads have delivered products used by millions of users.

Funnels & Flywheels

We build conversion-optimised landing pages and deploy funnels to drive marketing qualified leads to the products and services that we have delivered. Our marketers excel at identifying growth levers to drive early revenue and build community.

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Systems Design and Open Innovation workshops.

Whether our focus is a marketing, product or funding problem, we always start with some systems design.

We host workshops remotely to help teams deliver better experiences and succeed faster.

We also host NASA's annual Space Apps challenge in Ireland - the World's largest open source hackathon.

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